Mergers and Acquisitions

The activity of Abogados Martinez Law Firm is focused on providing assessments of the labor consequences of the sale, merger or acquisition of companies. We work, for example, with employer’s change, terminations of working relations, prolongation of the collective contract of work, analysis and legal advice on proposals for ending the working relationship, termination of the workers, elaboration of settlements, resignations or agreements on completion of the labor relation, and we represent the client in demands or summons.

Application of Foreign Documentation

The services we offer include consultation on the legality and legal consequences of the application of foreign documents related to the area of Human Resources. Frequently foreign-owned companies with operations in Mexico try to adapt their foreign policies and labor practices to their local subsidiary companies. Often these policies are not applicable or allowed in our country and their practice can have an unintended legal effect.


Labor Audits

In the realm of self-regulation, the Firm advises its clients, both national and foreign companies, on practices of their Human Resources departments. Our audits include visits to the companies and analyses of the development of their Personnel and Human Resources areas. Visits and audits serve to verify the fulfillment of the diverse legal dispositions in order to evaluate the employers’ responsibility in its relations with its employees as much as with its respective unions. We recommend modification or elaboration of documents and formats as well as modify criteria for the optimal fulfillment of the labor dispositions.


Initial Documentation

Our Firm has ample experience in everything related to the organization of labor-related documents. We work with companies already operating in Mexico as well as with those that are in startup phase. We offer preventive consultation with the purpose of fulfilling the various legal dispositions. In this way, we help our clients be on top of situations and avoid negative consequences. This type of service includes the elaboration of individual labor contracts, payroll, vacations, vacation premiums and other benefits, Internal Labor Rulings, attendance and on-time controls, collective labor contracts, and the constitution of diverse multidisciplinary commissions required by the Mexican Federal Labor Law.